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Platinum Administration SA

Platinum Administration SA

The Platinum Administration SA company is a precious concentrate of specific skills dedicated to exclusivity: it prefers attention to detail, a discipline in administration and a sensitivity in relating with customers that makes it a “boutique” for fiduciary-type services and Swiss and international administrative.

Founded in 2005 from the aggregation of professionals from complementary experiences and sectors to offer a competent, dynamic and personalized global service, it avails itself of the consultancy of the Prospero Law Firm to which it is directly connected, thus creating a particular synergy that facilitates the fastest and appropriate solution to the needs of our customers.

Our collaboration with the Prospero Law Firm also allows us to enter into employment contracts, request residence and work permits, sign lease and supply contracts, as well as guaranteeing quality for all commercial and tax consultancy activities.

A team of specialized accountants verifies the feasibility of the various customer requests by evaluating the strategically most convenient solution. From the establishment of a company, to the start-up of a business, we follow our customers step by step, to achieve success quickly, taking care of every detail with extreme care and expertise.

Therefore we represent a decisive ally in achieving the objectives that our customers submit to us, providing them with constant information and an overview of the interventions and related costs, with particular attention to tax aspects and related costs / benefits.




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