Platinum Administration SA


The fiduciary company Platinum Administration SA is a precious concentrated of expertise aiming to exclusivity. Our attention to detail and discipline in the administration combined with our sensitive approach to client relationship makes of us a "boutique” for Swiss and international fiduciary and administrative services.


The company was established in 2005 by the merger of professionals coming from diversified backgrounds and sectors to provide a personalized, dynamic and all encompassing competent service.


We benefit from the consultancy of Prospero Law Firm, to which we are directly connected, thus creating a synergy that can address promptly and appropriately the needs of our clients.  


Besides assuring high quality, in all commercial activities and in fiscal consultancy, the collaboration with Prospero Law Firm enables us also to help you stipulate employment contracts, obtain work and residency permits, sign rent and supply leases.


Platinum Administration SA supports the client step by step from the set-up of a company to the starting of the business, to reach quickly success in the activity taking care of every detail with the utmost care and expertise. A team of specialized accountants will check the feasibility of  different client requirements by evaluating the most strategically convenient solution.


We represent a determinant ally to reach the goals of our clients, providing support through continuous  information and overviews of the operations and costs paying  special attention to tax issues and the related costs/benefits.